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New to bento

Hi! Today I made my first bento! ^_^ I've been interested in making them for a while now, and finally got enough nerve to make one. I didn't make a traditional Japanese one, and I don't have a traditional box, but that's ok. My dad said there might be some cheap bento boxes at our market, so I guess we'll look there next time, and I might get one! I used a plastic tupperware, that was a long shallow rectangle shape. There's a website I think it's justbento.com, where they explain that you can use tupperware or any container for that matter if you can't afford a traditional one, so that's nice.

Today I made a sandwich bento. Sandwich had: sliced cajun turkey breast, colby jack cheese, and a sauce I make with horseradish and mayo, and whole wheat bread. (So, good!) I sliced the sandwich lengthwise and filled half my bento with it. I saved the rest of the sandwich for next time.

On the top quarter of it, I made a salad. Salad: mix of greens (like spinach, lettuce, etc.) and some honey mustard vinaigrette. That was tasty too.

The last quarter was apple slices and chunks. I separated each section by lettuce, I don't need that plastic expensive stuff. That way I could also eat the dividers. Plus, it kept the dressing from going into the sandwich and apples. It was really nice. I forgot to take a picture of it, but maybe next time. ;) It's a fun way to have lunch.
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